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Orange Lustre went out of business in 2014. I looked for a replacement for the Orange Lustre but couldn't find any product I was happy with. I am now making it myself with one change. Orange Lustre had color added to make it orange in color. I did not add the color to my wood cleaner and conidtioner. The natural color is yellow. The only difference you will find in Leonard's Best Wood Cleaner and Conditioner is the color.

Leonard's All Purpose has replaced Orange Pow'r All Purpose Cleaner.

Leonard's Best
- Wood Cleaner
- Wood Conditioner
- No Silicone or Wax
- No Alcohol or Water
- Fresh Orange Smell
- More Details

Orange Pow'r
- All Purpose Cleaner
- Water Based
- Use Indoors/Outdoors
- Concentrated
- Biodegradable
- More Details
- Wood Preserver
- Restores Dull Dry Wood
- Carnuba
- Orange Oil
- More Details

CLIK Products Company Info

In 1997 I was working on an 1940's house with a bad build up on the kitchen cabinets above the stove which I couldn't get clean.  Like most people I went to the store and bought the most popular products for cleaning kitchen cabinets. None of the products could get the cabinets clean.  My wife and I were at a Home and Garden Show in Atlanta, Georgia where they were demonstrating a wood cleaner and conditioner called Orange Lustre.  The demonstration was quite impressive, so we decided to buy their two products called Orange Lustre and Beeswax Wood Preserver.  The Orange Lustre Wood Cleaner and Conditioner did a fantastic job on cleaning the kitchen cabinets making them look like new and the beeswax kept them looking beautiful.  After I finished with the kitchen cabinets there was about 1/3 of the bottle of Orange Lustre left, which my wife used to dust our furniture.  She had been previously using two of the most popular products in the stores. When the bottle of Orange Lustre was empty, she wanted some more.   When I called to order, I found they were looking for distributors and that's how CLIK PRODUCTS was started.   I have met many people over the years with similar problems where the Orange Lustre and Beeswax has also solved their problems.  We get a lot of satisfaction in helping other by selling great products like Orange Lustre and our other products we have found over the years. - Leonard Bernhardt, CLIK Products

*Note: Leonard's Best Wood Cleaner & Conditioner has replaced Orange Lustre.*

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