January 16, 2003

Clik Products Company
2180 Pleasant Hill Road, Suite A-5294
Duluth, GA 30096

Dear Sir:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for rushing me my re-order shipment of Orange Lustre Wood Cleaner. As I told you over the telephone, my husband and I attended a Home Show here in Columbia and when we saw you demonstrate how the cleaner removed wax and grease buildup on cabinet surfaces we knew we needed a supply. You see, the reason was we already spent probably some $300 to $400 on various cleaners trying to get rid of 27 years of buildup on our kitchen cabinets, as we were putting our house on the market. All of the cleaners we had tried - 409, Fanitastic, Mr. Clean, Murphy's Oil Soap - only seemed to smear the greasy build up around - it did not remove it. We had also tried numerous products on our bathroom floors and cabinets which had been caked with hairspray from our two (2) daughters - nothing worked. UNTIL... we tried the Orange Lustre. We were so thrilled by the results we got from this cleaner. All of our cabinets looked like new - even after 27 years. The grit, grime and grease were gone. In fact, we used the wood cleaner on all of our inside and outside wood doors, all of our windows, and on everything else "wood" in the house.

We are now in the process of building a new home, and we want to make certain we keep a supply of the Orange Lustre Wood Cleaner on hand. We'll look for you at the next Home Show.

Thanks a lot.

Candi R. Vanuch

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