As I told you, my kitchen cabinets are 25 years old. They are now dull and have grease splashes on them. They also feel sticky to the touch. I would wash them with Murphy's Soap, and polish them with Old English, but after a few hours the grease splashes were visible again and the cabinets looked dull, again. The sticky film was always there. I also ordered the product "Orange Glo" and it did absolutely nothing.

So when, by chance, I saw your product, I was very skeptical. But, I figured I'd try one more more time. On the first day I used the Orange Lustre Wood Cleaner with the 0000 steel wool, I saw a big difference. A lot of the grease splashes were gone and the cabinets had a shine again. The next day, I cleaned them again, and a couple of hours later I applied a small amount of Beeswax and let it sit. A few hours later I polished and was amazed at the results. No more stickiness, no more grease splashes, and a nice rich glow on my cabinets. I still touch them everyday, just to feel how smooth they are.

Orange Lustre also put new life in to my counter top, which is also 25 years old, and has made it easy for me to get the bathroom floor clean of the stickiness left from hairspray. I take care of a little toddler, who still has a bottle of milk sometimes. Well, she spilled some milk on my hardwood floor and I did not see it. The milk really dried into the wood. Again, Murphy's Soap or the Orange Glo products did nothing and as soon as the floor wood dry, the milk stain was back. But one cleaning with Orange Lustre and the stain is gone.

I am totally happy with this product and I am sure, as time goes by, I will find more and more uses for this fine product.

Thank you!


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