March 11, 2002

Dear Mr. Bernhart:

We recently purchased your product kit at the Virginia Beach Flower and Garden Show. When good people are representing good products, it is important to let you know just how well the products live up to the promises made at a demonstration booth.

The primary reason we purchased the Lustre Products kit was to restore several areas of water-damaged hardwood flooring in our 14-year old home. We applied the Beeswax Wood Preserver to the most badly damaged spot that was the result of a chronic water leak from the refridgerator icemaker for years before we purchased the house. This 4-inch by 6-inch spot no longer had the polyurethane finish and the water damage had caused the wood to turn light gray. We simply followed the directions, buffed the flaking finish off with steel wool, applied the Beeswax Wood Preserver and let it soak in for over an hour. This treatment restored the wood to its natural color, put a protective seal on the surface, and made the damage spot virtually unnoticeable. What a relief to have such an inexpensive solution for restoring the damaged floors in doorways and other high traffic areas where the finish had been worn thin.

With the dramatic success of the preserver, we then tried the Wood Cleaner and Conditioner for general dusting and polishing of all our wood funriture. What an amazing difference as compared to all the other products we tried that contain silicon and waxes! Not only did the cleaner make all the light scratches and dings from normal wear-and-tear disappear, but it thoroughly removed all the years of built up residue and left a lasting luster that restored the wood to its natual luster. And, of course, we now use the cleaner to keep the restored hardwood flooring spots polished and resistant to continual traffic wear.

Thank you for introducing us to Lustre Products. You have very loyal new customers and I am going to refer your products to the rest of our family.


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